Ferment Saccharomyce

“Human specific ? We can be reassured: if they do, at the base, come from a living and healthy person, they are raised in culture” according to an extremely supervised process, having proved their harmlessness and their good tolerance “, explains Nicolas Alvarez-Rodriguez who further specifies that these ferments “adhere better to the cells of the intestinal mucosa to allow an exchange of information and for example stimulate immunity.” For children, in case of tourista, to rebalance the flora in case taking antibiotics, in senior or female version, to make the intestinal mucosa smoother (Saccharomyces Boulardii): probiotics have many advantages, “at any age”. “, novembre 2020

“The intestinal flora plays a fundamental role in the digestion and absorption of nutrients, including calcium and phosphorus, mineral elements essential for healthy bones.
D3 ferment is rich in probiotics and vitamins D3 (essential for bone formation). This specific formula improves traffic
intestinal, strengthens the natural defenses and improves our microflora. Contains strains of L. acidophilus, B. longum, L. casei (defensis), L. reuteri and S. thermophilus, as well as vitamins D3. “, februari 2021