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Bottle of 60gr powder with pod


Customer testimonial

“I bought these products for my dad, 78, who complained of poor digestibility. This is the third time that I have purchased this product, since no complaints from it.”





1 scoop (1gr) per day diluted in water or fruit juice.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
Not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet
nor to a healthy lifestyle.
Keep out of reach of young children.
Keep away from heat, moisture and light.
This nutritional supplement is not a medication.

Ingredients (per pod) :

L. acidophilus: 0,25×109 CFU/caps – B. longum: 0,25×109 CFU/caps – L. casei (defensis): 0,25×109 CFU/caps – L. reuteri: 0,25×109 CFU/caps – S. thermophilus: 0,25×109 CFU/caps. Bulking agent/Agente de carga: Glucose: 59,250 gr.

Energetic value :
397,5 kcal (1663,8 KJ) – Lipid. 0,0 % – Glucid. 99,1 % (sug./az. 98,3 %) – Fibr. 4,9 % – Prot. 0,2 % – Salt/Sal 0,002 g

CNK : 3246675

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