Customer Testimonials

“ Since taking Ferment Daily, we are no longer bothered by our intestinal problems. We were relieved by the advice of the team and we regained a gut balance.”


“ I was surprised with the results following the Boulardii treatment !! For both of us, it was like a beneficial enema inside, a treatment, a revitalization of my intestinal flora and better general health with much better assimilation and digestion.”


“The recommended dose of vitamin D by European regulations is 5µg / day. The dose provided by one capsule of Ferment D3 is 3.75 μg, ie 7.5 μg for 2 capsules. This makes it possible to meet the intakes recommended by Europe.”


“ Thank you again for this product, the Slim Plus ferment, which helped my daughter to lose 6kg.”


“ I allow myself to put a review on this product because it has relieved me of my recurrent cystitis. Since I take femina once every two months, not a single cystitis!”


“ Hello, I am a mother who searched for solutions for her daughter, who suffered from terrible intestinal ailments. After visiting many doctors, the only solution was an operation with the installation of a pocket … My daughter has been doing Ferment cures for 10 days for months and is still continuing because she ultimately did not have an operation! Thank you again for giving me advice! ”


“ My son takes junior plus ferments every other day and we have found that he can tolerate gluten again and no longer has a stomach ache.”


“I approve of Ferment Immun! I had a few kidney infections that went away.”


“ Very good product that this Relax ferment. Acts on anxiety and nervousness.”


“ I bought Senior Ferments for my dad, 78, who complained of poor digestibility. This is the third time that I have bought to happen, since no complaints from him.”